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Objective Actigraphy Study in Sleep of Children with Intellectual Disability and their Siblings (OASSIS-IDS): Direct assessment of sleep in children with intellectual disability, complex health needs and their siblings. Bissell, S. (Co-PI), Richards, C. (Co-PI), Agar, G., Hastings, R., de Vries, P., Bagshaw, A. & Hill, C. Baily Thomas Charitable Fund. October 2022 – September 2024.

Cerebra Network for Neurodevelopmental Disorders. Richards, C. (PI), Moss, J. (PI), Waite, J. (PI) & Crawford, H. (PI). Cerebra. October 2020 – September 2024.

The impact of Anxiety and Sleep Deprivation on Social Understanding and Social Functioning (ESRC New Investigator Grant – 2021-2023). Surtees A (PI).

Awards / Prizes

Christian Guilleminault New Investigator Award, February 2021. International Paediatric Sleep Association and World Sleep Society. Agar, A.

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