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The MSG is made up of a family of sleep experts from multiple Midlands universities (including the Universities of Birmingham, Aston, Loughborough, Nottingham Trent, Warwick) and NHS institutions within the Midlands (UHB, BMHT, SWBH, UHL).

The group was formed in 2017, and is inclusive of any academic/clinical staff who have an interest in promoting and conducting sleep research and/or clinical sleep services in the Midlands area.


To set up interest groups in these various areas of sleep and to bring them all together under the main sleep group to encourage cross-disciplinary research, help study recruitment and to broaden our minds to more collaborative and multidisciplinary approaches to understanding sleep. To achieve this, the group will promote:

  1. Sleep-related research collaborations between Midlands NHS Hospitals, Universities, Primary Care and related healthcare service facilities.

  2. Interest in cross-disciplinary work on sleep behaviour, sleep disorders and understanding of sleep both biologically and medically.

  3. Supporting the preparation of grant and funding applications in the field of sleep-related research.

  4. Acting as a focus for educating the public, media, health professionals and academics about the importance of sleep research and sleep services.

  5. Public engagement in the field of sleep, including sleep-related research.


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